One of the goals of Community High School District 218's strategic plan, is to promote a healthy school climate by increasing positive student and staff interactions and creating opportunities for increased student engagement. Accordingly, the discipline office at Shepard supports the strategic plan by providing interventions in response to student behavior, as well as preventative measures. The following are some of the interventions used to address our students' behavior needs and consequences for their behavior:
  • Restorative Conference
  • Closed Campus Lunch
  • After School Detention 
  • Lunch Detention
  • Peer Mediation
  • Adult-led Mediation
  • Loss of Privilege Contract
  • In-School Suspension
  • Out of School Suspension
  • Alternative Placement 

Research shows that student attendance has a significant impact on a student’s GPA (Grade Point Average), college readiness, and overall success in school. To provide students with quality education, we expect them to attend school and promptly attend class when in the building. Since attendance is so important to us, we offer the following supports:

  • A full-time attendance coordinator
  • Attendance contracts
  • Social-emotional support (if the attendance matter is also a  social-emotional concern)

While we support students, we also hold them accountable for their attendance. Below you will see the consequences for the following attendance related infractions.


Full-Day Absence: We require that parents notify the attendance office when their child is absent, late, or needs to leave early. The parent must notify the office on the day of the absence. If the parent does not inform the school, their child will be referred to a dean for a full day absence. A full day absence is when a student does not:

  • Attend at least three class periods or
  • The student does not attend school for the entire day.

Students may earn a 3-hour after school detention for every unexcused full-day absence and lose academic credit for assignments they missed while absent.


The district reserves the right to request that the parent provide documentation from a medical provider for extended absences of more than three (3) consecutive days (to be excused) or more than six (6) non-consecutive days per semester.  Failure to provide documentation will result in the absence(s) being designated as “unexcused.”  


Whether excused or unexcused, on or after the tenth (10th) full day of absence from school, the parent and student may be invited to a meeting to address the absences and determine if any available interventions are appropriate. 

To excuse your student for the day, please call the Attendance Office at 708-371-1111 ext. 3630. When you call, please be prepared to provide the following:

  • Parent/guardian name and relationship to student
  • Student’s name
  • Student's ID#
  • Date(s) of absence
  • Reason for absence(s)

Unexcused Class Absence: An unexcused class absence is when a student is more than ten minutes late for class or does not report to class at all. The consequences for unexcused absences range from detentions to students being dropped from the course with the letter grade of an “F.”


Tardy: A tardy is defined as any time a student enters the class after the bell rings up to the first 10 minutes of class. Once a student is tardy for the fourth time is a semester, they will earn consequences. The consequences for excessive tardiness range from after school detention to students being dropped from the class with the letter grade of an “F.”

Attendance Office Voicemail
708-371-1111 ext. 3630
Attendance and Discipline Office Staff
Brian Roberts
Assistant Principal
Phone: 708-371-1111 ext. 3610
Nicolas Bax
Phone: 708-371-1111 ext. 3542
Jim Kane
Assistant Principal/Dean
Phone: 708-371-1111 ext. 3541
Julie Bradbury
Administrative Assistant 
Phone: 708-371-1111 ext. 3600
Rita Pratl
Administrative Assistant 
Phone: 708-371-1111 ext. 3600
Monique Rogers
Attendance Coordinator 
Phone: 708-371-1111 ext. 3652